The Au Pair Affair : by Bailey, Tessa
The Family Experiment / by Marrs, John
The Burning / by Castillo, Linda
Moonlight and Magic / by Jones, Darynda
Breaking the Dark / by Jewell, Lisa
The Ration Book Baby / by Curzon, Ellie
Middle of the Night : by Sager, Riley
15 Summers Later / by Thayne, Raeanne
The Midnight Feast : by Foley, Lucy
A Long Time Coming / by Quinn, Meghan
Dog Day Afternoon / by Rosenfelt, David
Husbands & Lovers : by Williams, Beatriz
Summer by the River / by Burns, Debbie
The Institution / by Fields, Helen
Swan Song / by Hilderbrand, Elin
Lies and Weddings : by Kwan, Kevin
Dog Days. by Staub, Wendy Corsi
When We Were Silent / by McPhillips, Fiona
The Blast From the Past / by Score, Lucy
Very Bad Company / by Rosenblum, Emma
Bungalow by the Bay / by Correll, Kay
Return to the Island / by Correll, Kay
Cottage Near the Point / by Correll, Kay
The Last Time She Saw Him : by White, Kate
Sisters In Paradise / by Brown, Carolyn