Carbondale City Library Job Descriptions

Carbondale City Library Director

         A competent and qualified library director shall assist the Library Board in reaching and maintaining standards and fulfilling the established mission of the library.

         It is the library director’s responsibility to act as technical advisor to the board, recommends needed policies or adapts existing policies for board action, supervises and evaluates the work of staff and volunteers. The library director will establish and maintain a staff manual of library procedures, be responsible for orienting new employees/trustees, and serve as a resource for employee/trustee activities.

         It is the library director’s duty to maintain all written policies of the board, including but not restricted to the following facets of library operation: personnel, materials selection, withdrawal of obsolete materials, public services, handling of complaints, continuing education, and coordinates use of meeting room schedules and/or other library facilities. The library director is also responsible for maintaining basic cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the library facility.

         The library director should initiate a planning process to identify community needs for library programs and services to include collaboration with other organizations (such as schools and churches) within the Carbondale community to promote the library.  The director also implements suggestions and changes resulting from the planning process when endorsed by the board.

         Regular reports which assist the board to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of library programs and services should be compiled by the library director.  The director also has the responsibility to assure the timely preparation of regular reports required by the State Library, its regional system of cooperating libraries and the general public. The library director is responsible for communication with the Carbondale City office as needed. The library director will provide a written library report and report monthly to the Carbondale City Council at a Carbondale City Council meeting.

         The library director along with the Treasurer and other people appointed to the budget committee shall develop and submit an annual budget to the library board for approval. It is also the responsibility of the library director to monitor expenditures and provide monthly reports to the board. The library director should continue to look for new revenue sources and make recommendations to the board.

         The library director should work with the board to develop and implement a creative public relations or library marketing plan.

         The library director should be thoroughly familiar with Kansas library laws and local ordinances which affect library operations.  Through participation in professional associations and activities, the director should be aware of and support library legislation in the state and nation.

         The library director should attend all board meetings other than portions of those during which the director’s salary or tenure are discussed.  The director may serve as secretary for the board, although the director cannot hold that office.

         The library director is encouraged to participate and to encourage other staff, volunteers, trustees to participate in professional associations and activities.

         The library director should participate in the statewide continuing education plan.  This should include attendance at training programs within NEKLS and within the state; providing information about, time off and compensation for attendance for staff that desire to attend continuing education activities; and encourage trustees, volunteers to attend similar activities.

         The library director needs to teach the Substitute Library Director the basic daily functions of the library operations to continue smoothly in the librarian’s absence.

Attorney General Opinion 73-125 states that the head librarian, who is employed by the board, should not be appointed as an official member of the board.  Since the library board is empowered to hire and fire employees of the library and to fix their salaries, it is incompatible for an employee of the library to be a member of the library board.

Job description for Substitute Library Director

It is the substitute library director’s duty to fill in for the library director when he/she is unavailable and to perform the duties of the library director.

These duties include but are not limited to: issues library cards, explains NExpress system to new patrons, demonstrates to patron how to use the online library catalog, checks books in and out,  assists patron with computer usage,  looks up books for patrons and place holds when necessary,  puts books away,  processes new books, helps patrons with fax and copy machine, library decorations and bulletin board display, pulls books for hold list daily and prepares books for courier shipment, receives books into library from courier shipment, gets mail from post office, maintaining basic cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the library facility, answers phone and assists patrons, answers reference questions by phone and in person, empties book drop, moves used book cart in and out of library, receives and resolves circulation related issues, performs basic computer and office equipment troubleshooting.    

Physical requirements:

Ability to operate typical office equipment and a keyboard at an efficient speed. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to reach with hands and arms, use hands to finger and grasp items.  Regularly required to stand, walk, bend, kneel, crawl, reach, climb, balance and sit.  Must have ability to lift/and or move up to 20 pounds. 

Carbondale City Library Assistant

         This person acts under the supervision and direction of the Director and the Library Board. Duties are assigned as needed by the Director. Basic duties may include daily circulation, aiding patrons’ needs and processing new materials. The Library Assistant must be able to work independately.